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Most real estate websites leave visitors totally confused. The visitor is never asked to do anything, or rather, is asked to do 100 things. Both of these options decrease conversions. Instead, we design landing pages around a single Call to Action (CTA) - this is what converts.
Automated Follow Ups
Our landing pages bring in a lot of leads, which in turn means a lot of response work. Instead of you responding to every single inquiry, we integrate automated tools that respond to leads immediately and give you the info you need for that first call.
Conversion Experiments
We may be online marketing experts, but your audience always knows best. Your landing pages will be launched in four versions, letting us test and retest copy and design elements to optimize your conversions.

What Our Customers Say

Prior to working with Two by Fore Interactive, I tried first using a myRealPage template, and then developing my own site with a WordPress developer. While I technically had a website, I rarely converted anyone, nor was I able to truly build a brand. Working with Adam & his team was night and day compared to my previous experiences.
I not only got a new landing page that truly showcased why sellers should choose me, but also landing pages for my listings that enable me to effectively show off my listings and convert leads. 
Is Two by Fore Interactive expensive? Yes. Are they worth it? Absolutely. For any agent aggressively growing their business or looking to rebrand him/herself, there is no better company to work with than Two by Fore Interactive.


Brand Landing Page
Build a Campaign or Your Personal Brand
Different Desktop & Mobile Designs
Custom Strategy
Design, Copywriting, Development
Up to 4 Page Variants
Automation Integration
Monthly Analytics Reports
Listing Landing Page
Converts Leads to Offers
Custom Copywriting & Images
Different Desktop & Mobile Designs
Up to 4 Page Variants
IDX Integration
Automation Integration
Seller-Ready Analytics Report
SEO Optimized
Access to Web App
Up to 5 Users
Charts & Graphs
Unlimited Detailed Reports
Customer Support
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• Those with 10-15 landing pages increase conversions by 55% over business websites with less than 10 landing pages

• Those with more than 40 landing pages increase conversions by over 500%



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Face the music. The vast majority of real estate websites look the same. They feature an IDX widget on the homepage, a bunch of stock content, 4-8 navigation items - and, inevitably, visitors who get totally lost in a sea of undirected design. You’ve been successful in spite of a decade-old web strategy, but it’s time for an upgrade.

So, what are you waiting for?
Ditch your website – it gets way more visitors than it ever gets leads.


Be Courageous and Ditch the Template

Be Courageous and Ditch the Template

Two by Fore Interactive - Bruno Bezjak Landing Page Testimonial

Those in the know use custom landing pages so they can hone in on a target market with a tuned offering. Every link goes to a page that reinforces the message that got them there in the first place. Don’t just take our word for it. Recent data collected by Hubspot from 7,000 business websites revealed that:


Home Value Landing Page
Attract New Leads through a Free Home Value Report
Custom Branded Landing Page
Form with Google Address Lookup
Automated Integration with Top Producer's Market Snapshot
Automated CRM Integration
New Lead Email Notifications
Two by Fore Interactive Logo
Convert visitors into qualified leads by ditching your brochure website and moving to landing pages that convert buyers & sellers.

A Good Page to Land On

Two by Fore Interactive - Your CTA is showing
Two by Fore Interactive - Automated Follow Ups
Two by Fore Interactive - Conversion Experiments

Examples of Our Landing Pages

Bruno Bezjak Landing Page Example
Bruno Bezjak Listing Landing Page Example
Clinton Calwell Home Value Landing Page
Dexter Landing Page Example
Horn Real Estate Team Dynamic Listing Landing Page
Aileen Landing Page Example