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Departures from the Sea of Real Estate Sameness

Behind the Curtain: Giving Voice to Scott & Associates

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The phone rang. It was Scott Walker. After a bit of chit chat (mostly about craft beer, our usual), Scott mentioned they had recently created a video showcasing South Delta living. Then came the question: Would we be open to providing feedback?

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A Refreshed Two by Fore Interactive

In our client work over the past year we’ve seen glimpses into the future of real estate marketing. It looks a whole lot different than the marketing of the past. Therefore what we offer as a marketing agency to real estate agents, teams and brokerages needs to look a whole lot different too.

As an agency, most of our time is spent thinking big marketing thoughts for our clients and their brands. We were overdue in taking the time to reflect on our own brand strategy, the way we tell our story, and the services we offer.
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Top 5 Ways to be a Scary Real Estate Agent this Halloween

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If you are like us, you are likely scouring social media for ideas to be even scarier this Halloween. Yeah, we all have our feeds full of cute kids in costumes and the occasional zombie. But quite frankly, those images just aren’t scaring the pants off anyone. And while we count ourselves lucky to work with some of the most professional and upstanding real estate agents in the business, well, they just aren’t very scary either.

We want you to be successful in adding that scare back into Halloween, and growing your real estate business in the process. So with a black heart, here are our top five ways you can be a scarier real estate agent this Halloween.
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A RE/MAX Brand Refresh that Could Have Been More Refreshing

We heard whispers from clients, but nothing was confirmed.

We speculated.

What would it be like when it happened?

What would they do with something so iconic?

Then the rumours were confirmed. On August 8th, founder Dave Liniger wrote: β€œRE/MAX branding is being updated with a fresh, modern design.” The balloon, the red white and blue, the wordmark – what would become of them?
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