Chatbots seem to be everywhere these days, don’t they? And, while our frequent readers know we’ve been lauding their benefits for over 1.5 years now—not to mention designing (what we think was) the first real estate chatbot in Canada—chatbots have gotten downright bland lately, despite technology racing ahead.

Transactional bots are great and all, but no one falls in love with an ATM.

When we create exceptional brand experiences, we need to combine the emotional with the rational. We were intrigued. Could we create a character-driven chatbot experience that people would actually enjoy? An experience that piqued curiosities and left people wanting more, where they’d look forward to their next message from our bot and feel like they’d forged a real connection with our character?

To truly engage people, our bot needed a personality—a unique personality, so you’d feel like you’re interacting with a fully-rounded person. That meant our bot needed a deep storyline, one that encompassed their interests, quirks, profession—even a family.

We think we’ve created a special new resident in Chatbotland and invite you to give her a spin.

Nancybot is waiting. Get to know her, then let us know what you think.


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