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You know when Spotify suggests new albums for you that are so on-the-nose that they instantly become your new all-time fave? Ever dreamt of never having to vacuum again (or even THINK about vacuuming) because your Roomba does it without you having to tell it to? Intrigued by the Amazon Dash buttons, that deliver you laundry detergent (or coffee, or underwear (!)) when you press them? That’s automation. Yeah, all of that. As automation surges across industries, real estate has been lagging behind. Our industry is slow to reap the benefits of automation, and frankly we’re not standing for it.

As a top producing agent, we have no doubt in our minds that you are BUSY. From selling homes, to buying homes, to keeping up with social media, to maintaining a referral marketing program, oh, and having a life outside of work, you’ve got little time to spare. Busy doesn’t always mean better, and every day you spend on tasks that could be automated you’re losing out on tons of opportunities. If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, a social media follower, or a subscriber, you’ll have heard us sing the praises of automation before. All the time. And if you know us, you know we wouldn’t sing anything or anyone’s praises unless they really, really deserved it.

Here are some of the automation tools we recently built with you in mind, plus some pro tips on how automation can revolutionize your business.

Get Seller Leads with a Home Value Squeeze Page

WTF, exactly, is a squeeze page? Sounds like cramped quarters, right?? Basically, it’s where you get a visitor to convert by making an incredibly simple offer that they can’t resist. In the case of a Home Value Squeeze Page, it’s seeing what their neighbours’ homes are selling for. The truth is, people are curious (read: nosy). They want to know how much their neighbours got for their home, and how long it was on the market. So give the people what they want! (But ask for a little something in return.)

We’ve designed the perfect package. From an ad or email marketing campaign, we direct people to the squeeze page. Sellers type in their email address on the first screen, which stores it for you to use later to reach them even if they don’t provide their info. Then they get to see  their home on a map, and are asked to fill in some more information to get their report. And here’s the magic – we’ve built an integration with Top Producer’s Market Snapshot that auto-sends the market reports (in an email with your headshot) as soon as they’ve filled out their information. And it will email you the lead, and also add it to your CRM if you’d like. Ta-da! You’ve got some seller conversions on your hands, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Thank you, automation. And all YOU need is to subscribe to our squeeze page, which you can do here, and have a Top Producer account to make it all happen.

Chat Up Leads with Your Own Custom Chatbot

We’re obsessed with Chatbots. Like, we jump at most excuses to make one, blog about them, tweet about them, and sing their praises on Facebook. Because, well, they are being embraced by practically every industry other than real estate. In case you missed it (how did you miss it?) we created one of the very first ever Facebook Messenger Chatbots for real estate (in fact, we still don’t know of any others). Your Chatbot, linked to your Facebook Business Page, individually messages leads when they connect with you. But now we’ve taken it a step further and are building custom chatbots in your own tone of voice, with your own stories, using your own images. . An expertly-constructed and designed Chatbot saves you time on all fronts, and ensures that when you come into contact with leads, they are extremely well-qualified and warm.

Make World-Class Email Drip Campaigns

How’s your email marketing? Are the open rates good? Are they strategically-timed? Polished? Frequent but not too frequent? Chances are, your email marketing could be better. Luckily for you, automation is swooping in to save the day, as usual. Automated email drip campaigns are a super-easy way (easy because they’re automated!!) to regularly reach your database and convert potential buyers off the fence and into a viewing with you or your buyer’s agent. We send out (gorgeously-designed, user-friendly) weekly emails to your database with links to active properties for sale, segmented by home size and price range. Oh, and if you remember, you don’t even have to think about it.

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Are You Convinced Yet?

Agents who don’t take advantage of the many (many, many) benefits of automation are wasting their valuable time and hard-earned money. Here’s the bottom line: automation brings you more, better qualified leads, more conversions, and saves you time and money. There’s literally no downside. What are you waiting for? Let’s automate.

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