We at Two by Fore Interactive love Facebook. And not in the way that most people “love” Facebook – with an eye-roll and a shrug, as if they’re being forced to use the social networking site. We love Facebook as marketers. This is because – unlike most users, who feel like they generally understand the site – we know there’s a whole lot going on under its hood, and we know exactly what to do with it. In our experience, even top producing agents and teams often don’t know how best to leverage Facebook to grow their business. This post is why you should pay attention, even if you are grossing $300K+/year.

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Get Your Darts Ready – It’s Time For Target Practice

So you want to target a 42-year-old East Vancouver professional woman with a dog, a kid, a friend who recently moved, and an affinity for Neil Young’s first album. Well, you can be sure of two things: 1) you can likely find her and many of her ilk on Facebook, and 2) you won’t be able to track her down cost effectively anywhere else.

No paid online ad platforms let you target as cheaply and effectively as on Facebook. They let you build virtually any audience with hyper specific targeting regardless of whether any of those people have ever liked your Business Page. This kind of targeting is possible because of how much data Facebook collects from its users – on and off the social networking site. For example, Facebook knows when a user is interested in considering buying a new home based on the fact that they are clicking, reacting and/or commenting on real estate-related posts. And through a magic of a bit of code embedded widely across most sites on the Internet, Facebook can also see most of what is also being browsed off Facebook. And yes that includes real estate sites.

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Ad Types that Convert

Facebook ad types are in weekly flux. Figuring out what you want your ad to do (Facebook calls these “Objectives”), and who you want it to do it with comes first.We’ve been championing the Facebook Canvas for real estate listings for months now, and we’re excited to see that our predictions were correct: it is a highly effective ad type. Facebook Canvas is an ad type that lets you combine videos, images and CTA-buttons to create a beautiful ad that lets you swipe through, zoom in, and tilt to view panoramas. It’s perfect for real estate listings because you get to see (and interact with) every inch of a space via your phone.

We only spent $73 total on the ad above – to amazing results both for John’s seller (the home sold in a matter of days) and for his brand.

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The above listing ad worked because of smart copy, strategic audience targeting and split testing. RE/MAX’s Jake Moldowan said that this ad sold the home, and with less than a $100 ad spend. Yeah, seriously.

There’s more. Messenger is not just FB’s messaging app. It’s also where your ad CTA can go to convert. This means that instead of sending people to your website, they can start a conversation with you or (even better) your Chatbot. This means you convert leads with the help of a Chatbot like ours – and it all happens automatically.
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What?!? You’d Actually Like a Return on Your Marketing Spend?

Now that you get what is possible with the right agency on your side and a bit of ad spending, let’s dig into the Return on Investment. While it’s true that in order to garner maximum reach, advertisers need to pay to play, the actual payment relative to value is what’s scientifically known as A Damn Good Deal. Facebook ads are without a doubt your best bet for a high ROI. For example, you can convert leads right on Facebook with a Lead Ad or an Event RSVP, or drive them through to a conversion-optimized Landing Page.

Facebook makes tracking ROI very transparent. You can measure exactly how much each ad costs per click, and how much it costs to convert each new lead. This is something you obviously can’t do with a bus bench or print ad or a direct marketing campaign. We also give you a monthly data report straight to your inbox that shows how your ad campaigns are doing, and even a seller report that shows the kinds of visibility you are getting for a listing.

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Go Where the Narcissists Go

How many times a day do you check your phone? Chances are, it’s more than you’d like to admit. People tend to spend around 35 minutes per day on Facebook – and that’s not including time spent using Messenger. And with at least 1 out of every 8 posts in your Newsfeed now ads, advertisers are reaching you via Facebook multiple times per day. Surely, you want to be reaching your (carefully targeted) audience with the same force.

Ads and boosts are where you should be focusing your Facebook energies. The only reason to spend time creating posts for your page is if people are going to react to them, share them, or comment on them. Otherwise there’s no reason to be posting banal and obvious content about stuff like daylight savings or Halloween safety. You are likely wasting your time and your audience’s time too. Cut the fluff, folks.

As a real estate agent, you should be posting about things that relate to real estate and the community you work in. While organic reach is important (although less and less), we’re bigger fans of a sure thing. A well-designed Facebook ad reaches 10X the number of people, and uses split tests to see which ad best converts those people to react. By split-testing your ad, you can figure out what really works, and then do it over and over again.

Build Your Facebook Strategy with Us

Was there self interest in this post? Absolutely. But there are also some great advantages for your business here. We’re working with real estate agents and teams on a daily basis to grow their businesses. Read more about our advertising offering here or drop us an email here to get started.


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