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We’ve all had conversations with machines. Each of us has probably run the gamut between yelling into the phone at a customer service robot to screwing with Siri to having a surprisingly pleasant chat with a bot. While we’re not quite advocating for a Spike Jonze’s Her fell-in-love-with-my-OS type situation, the best bots are programmed and copywritten with wit and flair. Chances are, you haven’t had a fun bot experience in the real estate industry – and that’s where we come in.

Position of the Message button on a Facebook page

We build custom Chatbots to connect to the Messenger account on your Facebook Business Page. So you might be asking yourself, is this chatty bot meant to replace me? The simple answer is NO WAY. The bot is there to get you more meetings with qualified leads, period.

Bet you’d be the first to admit you are busy most-to-all of the time. And, as you increase the number of leads messaging you because of awesome Facebook ads (perhaps created by the Interactive team), you won’t be able to keep up, and certainly not respond in real time. So imagine having a branded customer service agent within Facebook that never sleeps. And while those other agents are taking their average 8+ hours to follow up with a lead (if at all) – 52% never follow up – your bot has followed up for you within seconds.

How does it work, you ask? When a lead messages you through your Facebook Business Page, the Chatbot introduces itself and ask an initial ice breaking question. Then the question sequences automatically adjust based on the lead’s answers to the questions, ensuring the bot determines crucial information such as whether the lead is interested in buying or selling a home, what type of property they’re interested in, their budget, etc. The lead and their answers get emailed to you, and added to your CRM with a follow-up reminder.
Example of Chatbot decision tree flow

We think our new agent Chatbot is pretty swell, and think you will too.

With a Chatbot, building online relationships and leveraging automation are no longer mutually exclusive. And the truth is that deftly programmed automation can actually be more effective in creating warm leads than you – regardless of how charming and successful you are as a closer. A successful Chatbot flow works like a killer sales script that has been tweaked and refined to deliver – every time.

Having your own customized Chatbot ensures you reel in those leads and cultivate your personal brand, all while making your business life a whole lot more efficient and effective.

Some call it magic. We call it automation.


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