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Departures from the Sea of Real Estate Sameness

Introducing Nancy Jones: Our Character-Driven Chatbot Experience

Chatbots seem to be everywhere these days, don’t they? And, while our frequent readers know we’ve been lauding their benefits for over 1.5 years now—not to mention designing (what we think was) the first real estate chatbot in Canada—chatbots have gotten downright bland lately, despite technology racing ahead.

Transactional bots are great and all, but no one falls in love with an ATM.

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Should A Bot Schedule Your Meetings?

Without a doubt, technological advances are making us more productive. From artificial intelligence to chatbots to virtual assistants, many aspects of running our daily lives have become a breeze. We tell our virtual colleagues exactly what we need to do and a convenient reminder magically appears, vibrating every five minutes to ensure we’re not late for an afternoon meeting with our client across town (again).

Of late we have been wondering whether this quest for efficiency has overridden the pursuit and value of real human connection. While we may be gaining a bit of time and our response rates look really good in our Messenger console, are we adversely affecting our long-term, organic connection with our clients?
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Google I/O 2018: Social Media News Special Edition

From the moment Google CEO Sundar Pichai set foot on stage, it was clear that bigger and bolder announcements were going to come from I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, than Facebook’s F8 (although Facebook had a few good ones, too). Unhindered by the shadow of congressional hearings, and perhaps seeing the chance to jump into the limelight, Google made over 100 announcements—many of them jaw dropping. This perfectly worded headline by the Verge pretty much sums it all up: At I/O, Google showed its willingness to change and shape our lives.

Jokes about fixing the cheese in the hamburger emoji quickly gave way to major announcements that could fundamentally shift how we interact with our mobile devices. It seems Google has become very concerned about how much time we all waste, sending self-regulating tools and AI to our rescue. While the I/O announcements are far too prolific and varied for us to cover here, we hand-selected the ones we think will matter most to real estate marketing.

So batten down the hatches, Google’s got big plans for us mere mortals.

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Behind the Curtain: Trish & Teri’s Double Feature (Part 1)

Real estate video has been getting a whole lot of attention lately. As it should. From new real estate awards to marketing influencer lists, we anticipate 2018 will see way more real estate agents, teams, and brokerages stepping up their video game. Especially because, while video has been key to marketing homes for sometime, shining examples of brand storytelling in real estate have been few and far between. But a few are starting to emerge. We believe this is one of those examples.

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Facebook F8 2018: Social Media News Special Edition

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica story broke, we’ve been frequently asked…
1. Whether Facebook is on the decline – No.
2. Should clients should change their Facebook/Instagram strategy – Somewhat.

Everyone (including us) wants to know what the future holds for the platform—and we want to be able to tell you. So we were watching Facebook’s annual pep-rally, the Facebook Developer Conference, known as F8 in the biz, with baited breath…

And while there was certainly much more announced, our focus is specifically on the big announcements for marketers, and what it means for the way we (and you) will be marketing real estate. And while F8 is deemed a “Facebook” event, we all know they are the puppet masters behind so much more of the social web. Here’s what caught our eye.

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