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Departures from the Sea of Real Estate Sameness

A Refreshed Two by Fore Interactive

In our client work over the past year we’ve seen glimpses into the future of real estate marketing. It looks a whole lot different than the marketing of the past. Therefore what we offer as a marketing agency to real estate agents, teams and brokerages needs to look a whole lot different too.

As an agency, most of our time is spent thinking big marketing thoughts for our clients and their brands. We were overdue in taking the time to reflect on our own brand strategy, the way we tell our story, and the services we offer.
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Top 5 Ways to be a Scary Real Estate Agent this Halloween

halloween edition social media news banner

If you are like us, you are likely scouring social media for ideas to be even scarier this Halloween. Yeah, we all have our feeds full of cute kids in costumes and the occasional zombie. But quite frankly, those images just aren’t scaring the pants off anyone. And while we count ourselves lucky to work with some of the most professional and upstanding real estate agents in the business, well, they just aren’t very scary either.

We want you to be successful in adding that scare back into Halloween, and growing your real estate business in the process. So with a black heart, here are our top five ways you can be a scarier real estate agent this Halloween.
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A RE/MAX Brand Refresh that Could Have Been More Refreshing

We heard whispers from clients, but nothing was confirmed.

We speculated.

What would it be like when it happened?

What would they do with something so iconic?

Then the rumours were confirmed. On August 8th, founder Dave Liniger wrote: “RE/MAX branding is being updated with a fresh, modern design.” The balloon, the red white and blue, the wordmark – what would become of them?
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What You Can Learn From Taylor Swift’s Media Black Out

taylor swift

Country-pop chanteuse Taylor Swift just blacked out all of her social media. That’s right, a woman with 102 MILLION instagram followers no longer has a single post on her profile, nor even a profile image. Her website is all black. Her Facebook page is devoid of images. Her tweets are all gone… up until 2010 (did her marketing team get tired of deleting them?). It’s a bold move, to say the least. While her twangy bubblegum tunes are not exactly our preferred headphone fodder, this move certainly makes us respect her marketing team.

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We’ve Got Some Fancy Automation Up Our Sleeves

man beside switchboard

You know when Spotify suggests new albums for you that are so on-the-nose that they instantly become your new all-time fave? Ever dreamt of never having to vacuum again (or even THINK about vacuuming) because your Roomba does it without you having to tell it to? Intrigued by the Amazon Dash buttons, that deliver you laundry detergent (or coffee, or underwear (!)) when you press them? That’s automation. Yeah, all of that. As automation surges across industries, real estate has been lagging behind. Our industry is slow to reap the benefits of automation, and frankly we’re not standing for it.

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